Bathroom Remodeling in West Los Angeles

Thanks Creation Builders for remodeling my Bathroom, after a month of remodeling everything turned out amazing. Great value of money. Personally I would recommend this company to anyone.I am very happy with them and you will be too! My experience with them have been very positive. Very professional, hardworking, helping & efficient.

Jesse Jenson

West LA

Jennifer and Robert

Santa Monica

Upgrade your outdated kitchen with a modern transformation - Santa Monica

I just recently finished a complete remodel on my home with Creation Builders.I had a very outdated kitchen and bathrooms that needed much help! Tom Shvadron who was my project manager did a great job throughout my project. From the time we first met till the time the project was finished, he always kept me in the loop on things and informed me on when to expect certain things that were going to take place along with follow up pictures since I wasn't able to be on site during the project. He guided me through the entire project and made my life easier. The fun part was picking everything out and making this all come together piece by piece. Tom went out of his way for me on several different occasions and always gave his best. No matter what time of day it was, he always got back to me through text or by phone to discuss any issues or questions I had. He always resolved all issues quickly and if he didn't have an answer, he would always look into it and get back to me. I am very pleased with how my remodel turned out in my home. It's like a brand new home and I designed it all myself with the help of Creation Builders and Tom! Thank you Tom for all your hard work, support and guidance through it all.

Protect your Home with a Durable Roof in Los Angeles

We have been very satisfied with the roof replacement that you performed for us although it has yet to be tested by a heavy storm. There are reports that we will get strong winds up to 50 mph gusts tomorrow so we should see if the extra sealant and the nails did the trick for anchoring the new shingles. At this time, I would be happy to be a reference for your work. Status update on our new roof – confirmed wind gusts over 55 mph and not a shingle out of place – thanks for the great work!

Thomas and Sandra

Los Angeles

Michael Dornes

Los Angeles

Backyard and Patio Construction in Los Angeles

I would like to express my appreciation to the gentlemen who installed my patio cover on September 5 and 6. They were hard working (even though it was very hot), courteous, and very helpful. When the Inspector signed offon the job, he commented to me, several times, what a professional job had been done on the patio cover. I would highly recommend your company to anyone- Thank you for a trouble free experience that was expedited in a professional manner

Beautiful Home Renovation and Remodel - San Fernando Valley

The best construction company I’ve ever worked with!! These guys did such a good job renovating my living room. They gave me excellent tips on the design and best materials to use and completely transformed my “old-fashioned” living room. I would definitely use their service again in the future, since I am planning to renovate one of the bathrooms this summer.

Marisa Jefferson

San Fernando Valley

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